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‘Love’ or ‘Chocolate’?

Valentines Day: The day to celebrate the joy of being in love…unless you’re single, then it’s the day to eat chocolate. And you gotta admit, that’s not a bad fallback!

But now, let me catch myself. Yes, I admit I do have an abnormally ardent affection for a certain confection, but that is not what [More]

America’s Got Talent

“You girls should be on America’s Got Talent!”  Said…too many people to count.  We thought about it once or twice, seriously considered it a few more times than that, but it just never felt right; and we’re firm believers in following your instinct.  When it comes right down to it, I don’t think we [More]

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is my favorite time of year. It’s a time of forgetting our worries or problems and remembering all of our blessings. A time of service, kindness, love…a time of remembering Christ, who is the reason for the season. And it’s also a time for making music videos, of course. :)

We spent all day [More]

And Then There Were Three…

You thought you knew everything about the Redhead Express, didn’t you? We love making music, of course, touring the country, for sure… and don’t forget, eating chocolate! While all these things are very much a part of us, it might interest you to know that we’re also very good at making babies. Please welcome: [More]