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Tough Break for our Drummer

If you’ve been keeping up with us on our fb, twitter, or instagram, you probably noticed that one of our band members had a little episode with a log. To make a long story short, his leg caught the log instead of his hands. He broke his Tibia, had a hairline fracture in his [More]

Expanding Our Horizons

Redhead Express is expanding- in more ways than one! New baby coming for Alisa in November, we’re moving closer to Nashville, and we’re adding a 2nd home base in the northwest. It’s so exciting to see our fan base grow, and we are working hard to reach you all!

So where can you expect to [More]


Here’s the latest news on our sign! 😀


Charlene painting

“Charlene painting.”


Black border

“Black border.”


"Painting complete!"

“Painting complete!”





Being a musician, I’ve really gained an appreciation for the huge variety of artistic talent; painting, drawing (two things I wish I could do) dance, and more recently rock art! My uncle and his wife just started a rock designing business where they carve things like lamps, jewelry, or night lights out [More]