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Pregnant kendra

You know, It’s funny, like many other women and girls all over the world, I’ve spent much of my teenage and young adult years worrying about the size of my pants and numbers on a scale. I’ve tried all kinds of diet plans and [More]

Losin’ My Mind

I wrote this song with brother/sister duo, Doug Lowe and Kayliann Lowe. Kayliann was preparing for her wedding, and she was going crazy with all the details that go along with it: cake, flowers, dress, bridesmaids, decorations, invitations… it’s a lot, especially when you’re in love and just want to be with your man! [More]

You Make The Difference!


This journey in the music industry is a fascinating one! We have met so many different, unique people from all walks of life. In Nashville, you can hear any genre of music on any given night: Christian, pop, country, jazz, blues, bluegrass- it’s all here! But just how does it get from here in [More]

The Miracle of the God Bless The USA Video Shoot

It was everything I could do to hold back tears as I looked down the grassy slope at the faces of somewhere close to three hundred of our friends, neighbors, community members (our Sheriff included); some people I didn’t even recognize.

Not many days prior we had started spreading [More]